Peer Reviews


The project was lead as a peer reviewed process. It included four peer reviews during which key issues were discussed and feedback received on drafts. Below are minutes from the peer reviews that were held.

Peer review 1

Location: Indonesia, Yogyakarta, Inna Garuda Hotel
Date: 29 November 2007
Host: IFRC
Number participants: 30
Download: TimberPeerReview1-minutes.pdf

Peer review 2

Location: United Kingdom, London, CARE International offices
Date: 11 January 2008
Host: CARE International UK
Number participants: 26
Download: TimberPeerReview2-minutes.pdf

Peer review 3

Location: Kenya, Nairobi, Habitat for Humanity offices
Date: 9 May 2008
Host: Habitat for Humanity
Number participants: 17
Download: TimberPeerReview3-minutes.pdf

Peer review 4

Location: USA, Washington
Date: 21 May 2008
Host: USAID, Habitat for Humanity, InterAction
Number participants: 14
Download: TimberPeerReview4-minutes.pdf

Workshop Bangladesh

Location: Bangladesh, Barisal
Date: 7 February 2008
Host: SCG
Number participants: 87
Download: SCG_TimberWorkshopReport.pdf